I've been looking for a hardy set of earphones to use while running/biking. The last pair I had lasted all of a couple months before they give into the jostling and pressure caused by my intense, lightning speed workouts. The Apple earbuds last a little longer, but they eventually fail as well. I needed something bigger, faster, stronger.

Enter Jabra SPORT headset. These puppies are heavy-duty and seem very durable. They're also not terribly heavy, which is nice and they fit nicely around the ear, which gives the cord more support when I'm jumping over small cars or flying up Everest-ish mountains. The sound quality is great too. Good volume and an even EQ balance between bass and treble. There's a handy volume control, a microphone (for those ever-important phone calls while you're tearing up 13.1), and an extension cord that works nicely to adjust the cord from arm-based music player to a hand or pocket-based player.

This specific product works with iPod, iPhone, and iPad (not sure what kind of extreme sporting activities you'll be doing with a tablet computer, but these headphones allow that) with in-line volume control and a remote to answer calls. It doesn't guarantee the quality of your phone call while you're trucking down the trails, but it guarantees that you can make them!

Overall, this is a great product in its functionality and performance- and it's long-lasting (so far). A great buy!

*** As it turns out, Jabra also has excellent customer service. You should feel very confident with your purchase.

  • Corded headphones with secure and comfortable fit during workouts; protection from rain, dust, and shock
  • Compatible with Apple inline call and music controller; made for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad
  • Listen to music and talk, answer/end calls, skip track
  • 3 pairs of Ultimate Comfort Eargels for optimal fit
  • Includes extension cable and carrying case