I have now been using this for 8 months and am very impressed. I upgraded from an Enermax Revolution 85+ 1050 Watt Power Supply which was a critically acclaimed unit itself. I love the fact that this power supply is FULLY modular. Whenever you have to replace it you can just undo all the cables from the PSU and leave the cables intact in your case. You then can remove the power supply easily and install the replacement (which of course would be a Corsair too)! Remember, the hardest part about installing or replacing a power supply is organizing the cables in your case. This is very time consuming.

The power supply runs very cool, but I am only using about 25% of its power capacity right now. Unlike other reviewers who base their reviews on performance subjectively, I did test the power supply before I installed using a Coolmax power supply tester. Everything was tight!

While there are other power supplies out there that compete with this (like the newly released Antec HCP 1200 Unit, I chose the Corsair because they have always been about Quality and Performance for the enthusiast from their memory only days. This unit also comes with a 7 year warranty versus 5 for the Antec and other competeing units.

You can also get hold of Corsair by phone if you need to! They do not hide their phone number like other vendors all over the web.

While this power supply is probably overkill for most, if you are a Computer Enthusiast, Overclocker, and/or Multi-GPU Gamer, this is YOUR POWER SUPPLY. Well done Corsair! Superb...........