There are lots of easy ways  to schedule things to happen on your Mac, Linux or Unix box. The one I'm personally most familiar with is the cron scheduler. This is a bit of awesome for the Unix side of the house.

"UNIX includes a program named 'cron' to handle the execution of tasks on a specified schedule, regardless of whether the user is logged in or not. Cron does this through a series of simple text files known as 'crontabs' which control the scheduling of jobs. 

The cron daemon is used by the system for scheduled daily, weekly, and monthly maintenance, and can be used by users to run various programs at set intervals. " - Macworld how to ...

Editing cron in terminal is all fine and dandy, but I love me a UI so with that in mind, I use: Cronnix

"CronniX is an Aqua frontend to the powerful Unix tool "cron". Cron is a Unix system service that allows scheduled execution of scripts, programs, applications - in short anything that can be started from the command line. This includes OSX applications and AppleScripts."

I use this for 2 situations, scheduling my automated backup scrips and a custom script I use for generating symlinks from a file archive to a repository my deployment server uses.