Here’s what you do:

  • Install GeekTool
  • Paste the following ruby code into a text file and save it somewhere like ~/scripts or ~/Library/Scripts as sys_info.rb:

@user = `whoami`

@system = `scutil --get ComputerName`

@ip = (`ifconfig en0 | grep netmask`).split

@vers = (`sw_vers | grep ProductVersion`).split

@hw_info = `system_profiler`

@up = (`uptime`).split(',')

if @vers[1].include?('10.5')

  @hw_name = 'Processor Name'

  @hw_speed = 'Processor Speed'


  @hw_name = 'CPU Type'

  @hw_speed = 'CPU Speed'


puts "User: #{@user}"

puts "Computer: #{@system}"

puts "IP: #{@ip[1]}"

puts "OS Version: #{@vers[1]}"

puts @hw_info.grep(/#{@hw_name}/).to_s.strip

puts @hw_info.grep(/#{@hw_speed}/)[0].to_s.strip

puts @hw_info.grep(/Memory:/)[0].to_s.strip

puts "Uptime: #{@up[0].strip}"

  • In the Command box, enter: ruby ~/scripts/sys_info.rb (change to your path and file name)Open the GeekTool preference pane and add a new entry. Select Shell from the pop-up menu.
  • Set the refresh for 300
  • Now you should see a box somewhere on your desktop and it should have 8 lines of juicy info.
  • Play with the other tabs to set the font style and background.
  • You can drag and resize the box to wherever you like.

I know this works on OS X Tiger and Leopard and it should work fine on Panther. BTW – GeekTool works great on Leopard.

If you have any suggestions, changes or additions to this, please share.