Many netbooks and low-profile laptops are ditching the optical drive in favor of portability, which means that installing Windows 8 via a burned DVD is inconvenient at best. Luckily you can easily do it with an 8GB or larger USB stick.

  1. Download the USB creator from the Microsoft Store
  2. Pick your version of windows, 64, or 32 bit from Microsoft's Site
  3. Be sure to grab the product key from the same page
  4. Format your USB device to FAT32 (be sure you have at least 5 gigs free)
  5. Install and launch the USB creator
  6. Browse to the downloaded Win8.iso file, pick your USB device from the list and click start.

For a more in depth how to Ghacks have a good tutorial. The entire process should take 20 min, depending on your internet speed.