I run DeployStudio in my lab. One of my deployment workflows includes the installation of iLife '11. The problem with getting iLife '11 to work is the installer package is imbedded several folders deep. This is an issue for DeployStudio. So what needs to happen is the core iLife package has to be brought up to top level of the folder and the distribution file must be modified to point at the other embedded packages. 


The best how to for this I have found is here: 


Its a very well done wiki style site.

The next issue is late last month,  a certificate Apple had used to sign flat packages over the last couple of years or so expired. This caused Apple to have to reissue a lot of update packages. This greatly affected sites running an Apple software update server, either Apple’s flavor, or the open-source Reposado replacement. See http://support.apple.com/kb/HT5198 for more info on how this affects Software Update.

You could solve this by hand or just use the python script found here:


After you follow those 2 steps, you will be ready for deployment.