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Yeah, we can do that.  

The office

What Devices Do We Support?

Everything. And We Mean that. Everything.
Because we never know what problem a customer might face, we make sure we are equipped to handle everything. Every single thing.

Tech Support

Enjoy TechRunners services from your home, office coffee shop, wherever! Just let us know where you would like us to meet your, or when to call and we are there. 


TechRunners can administer servers or work with you to control computers remotely as if you were sitting right next to you. 


We come to where you are. Your office, home, coffee shop, where ever! Simple.


Need a quick fix, or just some advice? We have your back. 


Personal Support

New or old systems, TechRunners can get it, and you, up and running.



We can help you maintain your existing solution, or suggestion and manage a new one.

Your Data

Moving from one computer to another, or just rebuilding your current one? TechRunners can ensure your data and settings are safe.

Computer and Network security

Don't wait for security to be an issue. We can advise and implement computer and network security systems, without breaking the bank.


Anything from a printer, server or laptop, to an iPhone, TV or security cameras. If its powered, we can fix it.

System Cleanup

As computers age they tend to slow down. There is no reason your computer shouldn't run as well, if not better than the day you got it. Our runners clean and tune-up your systems, making them run like new.

Repair and Optimise

Our runners diagnose and troubleshoot both software and hardware errors on your systems to restore and ensure smooth performance.


Want to create a home network to share devices like printers and routers with your computers? What ever the situation, our runners can help.


All the rest

Have a need, but not the time or knowledge on how to meet that need? Our runners can adapt your current tech, or suggest new solutions to meet those needs. 





Web Design

Every business, artist, and individual  has unique needs, so our  websites are designed to bring results and remain affordable. Your website is a business investment, or a personal statement that should pay back.

Logo Design

Our Logo Designers can create professional, beautiful logos in any style. Give specific instructions on what you want, or let the designer come up with a concept for you. Either way, you'll receive a logo you love at an affordable price.

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We do it all

Need a printer set up at home, or a computer tune-up? What about an automated backup solution across  your entire business? What ever the challenge,  we have you covered.


Some of our work

We think of ourselves as our clients’ trusted IT advisors. It is our responsibility to look out for their best interests, warn them about potential problems, and actively volunteer advice and recommendations when we feel it can be beneficial. Here are a few examples on how we deliver on that philosophy. 

More Information

Looking for a solution you don't see here? Request it! We do it all.


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