My goal in creating Tech Runners is to take the hassle out of IT.

Over the years I keep hearing a common theme when it came to computer support, "I don't have time." So as a result, people have just learned to deal with the headaches  that technology throws at us. So whats the fix? How do we solve all these little annoyances that add up and make our days drag on and leave us with a feeling of wanting to take our laptops to some field in middle of nowhere and go Office Space on them? 

Recently I was working and wanted food from across town. I didn't have the time or energy to go get it, but thanks to a local service I was able to have it ordered and delivered to me. Nothing to setup or schedule. I just launched the app, placed my order and an hour and a half later I was loving my lunch. It was simple and fast. So why can't techsupport be this easy? That's when Tech Runners was born.