A new direction

Morning all!


After 9 months of frantic, exciting, hard work, Tech Runners has made a solid name for it's self in the local tech support arena. As a result, demand for our services has out passed our ability to provide support. In light of this Tech Runners is doubling down in support for our personal clients and will no longer be taking on new business clients. This isn't necessarily a permanent decision, but for now, we owe it to our selves and clients to provide them with our highest level of service.



Good things

Good things

Though I have been doing tech support for 8 years, I founded Tech Runners just about 1 month ago. In that time, we have achieved what most startups do in 6 months with a team of people. We clients, both private individuals, and companies alike, from San Francisco, to San Jose. We have 3 runners, and a marketing and operations person. Our platform is being developed and our brand is getting out there. We are successful. I am proud of what has been accomplished in only 1 short month, and more than excited about our future. We are going to win.

- Clay Alvord | Founder


ps. Feel free to check us out:

Yelp: http://www.yelp.com/biz/tech-runners-san-francisco

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thetechrunners

Tumblr: http://www.tumblr.com/dashboard

Twitter: https://twitter.com/techrunners

Soon ...

Soon ...

The foundations of Tech Runners are simplicity and taking the hassle out of getting the support you need. With that in mind we putting together an app that will not only enable you to request a Tech Runner, but be a gateway for all your IT requests.

Check it out.


My goal in creating Tech Runners is to take the hassle out of IT.

Over the years I keep hearing a common theme when it came to computer support, "I don't have time." So as a result, people have just learned to deal with the headaches  that technology throws at us. So whats the fix? How do we solve all these little annoyances that add up and make our days drag on and leave us with a feeling of wanting to take our laptops to some field in middle of nowhere and go Office Space on them? 

Recently I was working and wanted food from across town. I didn't have the time or energy to go get it, but thanks to a local service I was able to have it ordered and delivered to me. Nothing to setup or schedule. I just launched the app, placed my order and an hour and a half later I was loving my lunch. It was simple and fast. So why can't techsupport be this easy? That's when Tech Runners was born.