Tech support made simple.


Tech support made simple.

Tech Runners enables anyone to request IT help without the need for big service contracts. Anything from a your dad's dead keyboard, websites and design work, to a cloud based backup solution.

We can deliver. 


How does it work?

How does it work?


Connect with Tech Runners

You can call, email, text, telegraph or smoke signal us. No matter how you choose to get a hold of us, you will always get a response within the day!


Our Local Runners are Contacted

Based on your needs, an appropriate Runner is selected. That way your Tech Runner is the best fit for you.


The Qualified Runner Will Call or Email You.

The selected Tech Runner will commit to your requirements and get in touch with you to schedule the time and location of your meeting.



Choose Any Place to Meet That Works for You

What’s the most convenient place, date and time for your Tech Runner to meet you? Whether it’s your home, office, local coffee shop or yoga studio, our Runners will meet you there.


We Fit Your Lifestyle.

Why breakup your day? Our Runners will meet you anywhere and work on your schedule. Grab a cup of coffee, continue that meeting, get lunch, and rest easy that your problem is being taken care of.


Want to team up?

Our runners are top of the line. If you have any issues with the work, we will partner with you to make it work. We are always on the lookout for talent. Think you have something to contribute, or can make better? 

What are you waiting for?


What We Do

What We Do

If it is electronic, we can help

Tech Runners is a Bay Area based, on demand IT company. We provide service all over the San Francisco Peninsula.

One of the biggest pains when it comes to IT support is the effort and time it takes to bring your issue to a support location. Thats where we come in. We work with your schedule and come to you. 

The idea behind Tech Runners is to be able to provide support to individuals  whenever they need it, and on their time.

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TechRunners helped me build my company website. They are awesome to work with and very knowledgable and also great teacher! they taught me new tricks and tips to make my site more user friendly. I will definitely be using Tech Runner services again. I highly recommend Tech Runners!
— Starlit Sweets
They are some of the most enthusiastic people that I have ever had the privilege to work with. The TechRunners display a great deal of professionalism and patience as well as being very creative when dealing with our technology and support needs.
— Mike Murphy, CEO at Xtime

Some of the great companies we have worked for